Below is a Guide to important information you need to know about E-cigs.
( Also known as Electronic Cigarettes or Ecigs )

An E-Cig is a simple electronic device which has been known to reduce people's dependency on traditional cigarettes. It has not been scientifically proven as a stop smoking aid like the patches and lozenges that have been on the market for years however the results speak for themselves. People up and down the country have freinds and family members who have been smoking traditional cigarettes like a chimney for years and suddenly they have switched to this remarkable ingenious simple invention which has enabled them to either reduce their dependancy on traditional cigarettes or in a most cases stop it all together.

HOWEVER most of us who do not own one (yet) are confused as to how these devices work, Hopefully this guide will clear that up and convert you from a smoker to a vaper!!


You only need the items in the diagram above to get started.

1. Battery
Available in many different types this e-cig part vapourizes the e-liquid and turns it into smoke, also known as vapour. The newest models on the market have variable power levels which can be of great advantage to the user as they can control the level of vapour they will inhale. Common models include: 510, Ego-C, Ego-T, Ego-twist and many other names. 99% of ecig parts including batteries are made in china and are more than sufficient for the average smoker. Generally the battery will last between 2-6 months and is usually the most expensive individual part costing between £10-£20.

2. Clearomizer / Atomizer / Cartomizer
This is the part which holds the liquid nicotine otherwise known as E-liquid and turns it into a smokeable vapour. It is from the top of this part that you inhale the vapour the ecig will create. common models are the Single coil, Dual Coil & BVC varieties costing approximately £5 which hold approximately 1.1 - 1.6 ml of eliquid. There are also high end versions available which hold between 2 - 5 ml and cost between £10-£20.  A coil inside the Clearomiser / Tank will need to be replaced every 1-2 weeks to maintain the quality of the vapour costing £2-£4.

3. USB Charger
This is used to charge the battery. An approximate charge time for a standard e-cigarette is about 2 hours you can charge the E-cig using any USB such as your PC , Car Charger, Wall socket (check the output is not too high). Normally costs £2.99

4. E liquid ( E-juice , E-liquid , Vape Juice, e cigarette liquid )
This is probably the most important part of any E-cig. Experienced Vapers will know that the quality of the E liquid makes the difference between enjoying vaping an e-cig and hating it! There's cheap e liquid readily available from approximately £1.99 for 10ml however the cheapest ejuice is generally cheap for a reason. The best Eliquid is generally the one's that are made in the UK and US. They are slightly more expensive however the flavour an E-cig smoker will experience is much much better.

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